Sunday, October 5, 2014


"This feeling"....You know that feeling when you lose somebody that you think you never will. А treachery from a friend that for you was one of your best friends...and to receive just "You know what- We think different" after so much years behind the back… It's difficult but not forever. Cause there comes the time when you realized that you are important, not the other one! You need to stop thinking about  and being happy that you're not change! You've got hot heart and you are happy for who you are! My friends become so little but Thank God-now no matter how different we are, no matter how far we are they're here in my worst and my happiest moment. They're STILL here no matter how changes we had-some are up, some are down but HERE! And I want to Thank them, cause they know how much I care and how happy I am to have them! I can't do big things guys, but I simply can Love...and you know that I truly Love you!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Bienvenue L'automne

Yes,Autmn it's here and this season  will be full of emotions,full of inspirations and changing the views.I'm not scared to change something in my life,I realized that the zone of comfort isn't for me or at least I don't like it long lasting.I've got lot of things to do,but I know that I must be patient..probably the most difficult thing for me,but I will learn.I will give time to the time!
Passionated by the style in UK I am totally in love with those Oxford shoes.And what a best choice for a sunday walking around the park,combinated with skiny jeans,and dressy shirt :) Wish you everybody an incredible weekend! Hugs :)

Ba,si L'automne est déjà venue.Et serai la saison plein d'emotion,d'inspiration et des changements.Savez-vous..J'ai pas de peur pour changer quelque chose dans ma vie.J'ai réalisé que la zone du confort ne me convient pas ou au moins je veux pas un confort durable.J'ai trop de chose à faire,mais je sais que je dois être patiente.En fait le chose le plus difficile à faire,Mais j'apprandrai quand même ;) Je resterai au tems d'arranger ou déranger les choses
Passionnée par le style en Royaume-Uni Je suis totalement fole dans les chaussures Ofxord.Et ils étaient le meilleur choix pour une promenade dans le parc combinés avec des jeans slim et une chemise peu 'dressy' ;) Je vous souhaite un week-end magnifique!Je vous embrasse :)